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Greek Alphabet Flash Cards

Looking for an alternative to keep your customers in the know about your business and your culture? Don't look anywhere than the Greek Alphabet flash cards! These cards are excellent surrogate to do just that, and help customers understand your text message them your latest updates and deals.

Greek Alphabet Flash Cards Walmart

This is a top-grade substitute to help your students learn the Alphabet and Greek language! The cards are in an 8 x8 inch card form so they are uncomplicated to store and remember, this is a series of flash cards designed to help students learn basic Greek and english. The cards are 45 cards featuring various terms and phrases for each of the four seasons, each card grants a different letter from Greek to english, with an underline and full stop. The cards are a-z for z-v-i for spanish, and w-h for french, this is a greek-english bilingual flash card set. It is unequaled for students who ache to learn about different cultures, the cards rotationally appended with keywords such as "greeks, " "english, " and "bilingual. " the cards "english, " "bilingual" " this greek-english bilingual flash card set consists of 20 flash cards with different images and concepts related to music, art, and languages, the cards are in english and greek, with accompanying text for each image. The images are of people, places, and things in different cultures.