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Hebrew Flash Cards

Looking for a fun and effortless substitute to teach english to your loved ones? Then notebooks flashcard-hebrew flashcards is the card for you! These Hebrew flash cards are sensational for teaching english to others, they are made with easy-to-read, modern icons and are filled with fun and interactive questions and answers.

Hebrew Alphabet Flash Cards

This 8, 5 x11 flash card set is designed to help you with your Hebrew mysteries and letters. It includes 20 flash cards with 8, 5 x11 print style Hebrew letters. This is a collection of Hebrew flashcards that you can use to learn biblical hebrew, the cards are based on the bible's biblical alphabet, the Hebrew language, and the Hebrew alphabet includes consonant and vowel sounds. This is a biblical Hebrew alphabet flash cards set of 1000 cards that help you learn the word "old testament" from a young age, the cards are in meaning "from the land of the israelites" and are filled with vocabulary terms for the word "old testament. " these cards can help you in areas such as bible studies, school, and life, this Hebrew flash card set for age 3 to 6 consists of 30 Hebrew words, sets of 20 cards, and age 3 to 6 cards. The cards are white and are 18-2-6.